Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome to my thesis!

When I was doing research for my history thesis, I often found myself cruising the stacks of the library, poking around in dusty corners. As I slaved away for a year on this 70-page research paper, I often found myself struck with terror at the thought of my thesis becoming just another dusty research paper. I would often take something to check-out and the librarian would chuckle, "Wow! This one hasn't been checked out since the 1950s!"

That's a frightening thought. So in fear for the mortality of my poor, little history thesis, I am posting the whole thing here on the internet in the hopes that someone might be interested. I am splitting it into sections and I will post the complete PDF should you prefer it in that format.


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Federico said...

Hola Sierra,
Could you please share via email (or better yet post) you full name? I'd like to cite you for a manuscript I'm writing that alludes to the history of SL radio. Your blogs are anonymous and show not contact information other than this space. I look forward to your prompt reply. By the way, please consider adding to your sources the historical overview that my colleagues and I wrote about Latino oriented media some 27 years ago: Subervi-Vélez, Federico A., Charles Ramírez Berg, Patricia Constantakis-Valdéz, Chon Noriega, Diana Ríos, and Kenton Wilkinson. 1994. “Mass Communication and Hispanics.” In Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States: Sociology. Edited by Félix Padilla, 304-356. Houston: Arte Público Press.
Federico Subervi